I led two impactful initiatives, showcasing the vast potential in B2C sales. Through seamless and innovative experiences, we boosted customer engagement, increasing exploration and time spent.

Embracing a culture of innovation led to higher conversions and improved profit margins — a proven fact

Position your company as an automotive industry leader by seizing these transformative opportunities. Trust me as your partner on this B2C omnichannel journey for ongoing success.

Audi's World Firsts: Experience the Future of Automotive Innovation!

Embark on a thrilling journey through Audi's trailblazing achievements, where cutting-edge technology and innovation have reshaped the automotive landscape. Take a look onto the remarkable world-first initiatives that have not only revolutionized but also redefined the way customers engage with the Audi brand. Delve into a world of extraordinary accomplishments that showcase Audi's unwavering commitment to delivering immersive and captivating experiences.

Global Cloud Streamed 3D Car Configurator

Immerse yourself in a revolutionary car customization experience, accessible across 25 countries. Explore Audi's full range of vehicles in stunning 3D detail, powered by cloud streaming technology.

Audi City Digital Showrooms

Step into the future of automotive retail with Audi City digital showrooms. Using game engine technology, these immersive spaces deliver a unique and interactive car browsing experience.

CES Showcase of Automotive VR

Witness the fusion of automotive engineering and virtual reality at the renowned CES event. Audi's showcase, powered by game technology, pushes the boundaries of immersive automotive experiences.

Audi Digital Lounges

Experience the convergence of digital and traditional retail environments with the global rollout of Audi Digital Lounges. These innovative spaces blend cutting-edge technology with personalized customer interactions.

Connected Customer Journey Showcase

Join forces with AWS and ZeroLight at CES to explore Audi's connected customer journey showcase. Discover how digital advancements and seamless integration elevate the car buying experience.

In Numbers

  • 66% increase in consumer engagement, demonstrating the captivating impact of Audi's transformative initiatives.

  • €1.198 increase in the final basket value, showcasing the tangible value delivered to customers through immersive experiences.

Discover the future of automotive innovation with Audi, where every milestone brings you closer to the extraordinary. Get ready to be inspired by a new era of automotive excellence.


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Captivate and convert customers with a configurator that enables discovery, interaction, and engagement. Customers spend more time, leading to a delightful experience and increased conversion rates.


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift towards online luxury goods purchases. Prioritizing convenience and safety, customers are transforming the way they shop for premium products.


Achieve a seamless and successful customer journey with a car configurator that embodies quality and personalization. It directly influences buying decisions and leaves a lasting impact.

Lucid's World Firsts: Pioneering the Future of Electric Vehicles (EVs)!

Discover the groundbreaking milestones that propelled Lucid to the forefront of the EV industry. With a relentless pursuit of innovation and customer-centric solutions, Lucid revolutionized the automotive landscape. Take a closer look at their remarkable achievements:

Global EV Launch of Autocar Award-Winning D2C eCommerce Connected Customer Journey

Experience the successful global launch of Lucid's electric vehicle platform, celebrated by Autocar with an award for Best Online/Ecommerce Experience. In just nine months, Lucid transformed the customer journey, offering seamless online ordering and a connected ownership experience.

Anonymized User Behavior Tracking for Personalization at Scale

Dive into how Lucid harnessed advanced anonymized user behavior tracking to deliver personalized experiences on a large scale. By understanding customer preferences and behaviors, Lucid created tailored interactions and recommendations.

Global Rollout of Ray-Traced Interactive 3D Web Configurator

Explore the immersive 3D web configurator that allowed customers to visualize and customize their dream vehicle in stunning detail. Lucid's ray-traced technology provided a lifelike experience, enabling customers to make informed decisions.

1:1 Remote Sales Platform

Lucid Studio Live: Learn about Lucid's innovative remote sales platform, Lucid Studio Live. This interactive solution allowed customers to connect with sales representatives in real-time, receiving personalized guidance and experiencing a virtual showroom from the comfort of their own homes.

3D Streamed Volumetric Video for VR and Web

Discover how Lucid employed cutting-edge technology to stream 3D volumetric videos for VR and web experiences. This immersive content brought vehicles to life, allowing customers to explore every angle and detail.

Two-User, Two-Car Metaverse VR at Retail

Experience the future of automotive retail with Lucid's two-user, two-car metaverse VR. In retail locations, customers could interact with virtual vehicles, exploring features and options in a dynamic and engaging environment.

Global Launch of Cloud-Powered, Omnichannel Connected Customer Journey

Witness the seamless and connected customer journey enabled by Lucid's cloud-powered infrastructure. From online research to showroom visits, Lucid ensured a consistent and personalized experience across all touchpoints.

Automated Generation of Personalized Media

Discover Lucid's automated media generation capabilities, including personalized microsites, emails, videos, images, and AR content. This scalable solution enabled targeted marketing and enhanced customer engagement.

In Numbers

  • 46% Increase in Reservation Conversion Rate: Learn how Lucid's strategies and technologies significantly improved the conversion rate for reservations, driving more sales and customer commitment.

  • 51% Increase in Revenue Generated per Session: Explore how Lucid's customer-centric approach and engaging experiences contributed to a substantial increase in revenue per customer session.

  • 47% Increase in User Engagement in Configurator: Discover how Lucid's immersive and user-friendly configurator captured customer attention and increased their engagement, leading to enhanced satisfaction and sales.

Lucid's pioneering achievements have earned industry recognition, including the prestigious Automotive Marketing and Communications Award for Best Online/Ecommerce Experience. Join us on this electrifying journey, where every step redefines the future of electric vehicles and the automotive industry.

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The ultimate goal 

"Empower your automotive brand to achieve unprecedented sales growth with cutting-edge, data-driven omnichannel marketing strategies. Let's redefine industry standards and position your brand as the undisputed leader in automotive marketing excellence."


Unleash the potential for increased profits and customer satisfaction by implementing a High-End-3D product configurator into your digital omnichannel. Extensive studies have consistently shown that over 95% of customers prefer 3D configurators, making them a powerful tool to satisfy and retain customers. By offering a best-in-class experience, you can forge strong relationships and convert more customers, as they gain control and deepen their connection with your brand, leading to accelerated purchase decisions.

Embrace the transformative power of a High-End-3D product configurator and experience a surge in conversions and lasting brand loyalty. Not only does it empower customers, but it also revolutionizes internal productions, creating a seamless exchange between Brand, Design, Engineering, and Marketing. Stay ahead of the curve with the newest digital outputs at your fingertips, enhancing both internal collaboration and the external customer experience. 

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Explore the Cutting-Edge World of Automotive Marketing! Meet Thomas Orenz, a Leading Digital Experience Advisor with over 23 years of expertise in high-end VR, AR, MR, and XR. Discover how he has revolutionized car configurators for prestigious brands like Audi and Lucid Motors, creating captivating digital showrooms and tailor-made solutions. Immerse yourself in articles that unveil the secrets behind Thomas' remarkable impact on the automotive industry. Get ready for a journey into the future of sales strategy and automotive innovation!

Creating a digital showroom: Audi and Mackevision choose Unreal from EPIC.

"What I think Unreal gives us is the same visual fidelity we are reaching for,” Thomas says. “It keeps the quality as high as possible.”

Game Engine technology at the heart of the new Audi configurator.

"Particularly with a view to the many optional extras, our new 3D visualization in the configurator conveys a particularly detailed picture of the desired model and supports our customers in their purchase decision."

Lucid has the most beautiful car configurator I’ve ever seen.

"At least that was the case until now, because the car configurator from Lucid — the Californian EV company setup up by former Tesla engineers — is so goddamn beautiful it comes as close to the real thing I think most of us will ever get."

Is this the greatest car configurator ever built?

"Pretty stunning, isn’t it? Lucid claims that it’s the most realistic design configurator ever created. Customers can choose between different Californian backgrounds that feature moving waves and chirping birds, and the car itself is a ‘digital twin model’ that can be viewed from all angles."